Vontobel Swiss Research Basket

  • Vontobel – the long-standing #1 in Swiss equity research
  • Our entire research expertise distilled into a single product
  • Invest exclusively in stocks with ‘Buy’ recommendations
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  • Vontobel Swiss Research Basket: 46.9% performance* since launch in February 2016
  • Target: outperform the SPI®
  • Outperformance vs SPI® to date: 14.8%* as at 31.07.19
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  • Further information on our certificate on the Vontobel Swiss Research Basket
  • Detailed performance figures and current composition
Further information

What is a tracker certificate?

These products allow investors to participate 1:1 in the performance of equities, for example. This certificate tracks the Vontobel Swiss Research equity basket. Investors bear the same price risk as with a direct investment. Added to this is the credit risk of the issuer, as repayment depends on their solvency.

Traded on the Swiss Exchange

The certificate is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange and can be traded there like shares.

  • Simple and transparent trading directly on the SIX Swiss Exchange
  • Liquidity thanks to good-quality market making by Vontobel
  • Protection ensured by regulated trading conditions
  • For the latest certificate prices, go to:

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